6th Annual Game Summit Go Tournament, 3 February 2013 in Gatineau (Ottawa)

Like every year, Slate and Shell Publishing is sponsoring the Go Tournament at the Game Summit board-game convention in the National Capital Region. We are hoping to beat our participation record this year, but the venue has capped participation at 24 contenders; so, you have to register on-line in advance to guarantee your spot here: Registration Otherwise, you will have to hope that there are slots left after you pay your admission at the door… As usual, the players with the best performance will have first-pick of the prizes in each division, there will even be swag for the Most Intrepid competitors! Regardless, your match results may contribute toward your national rating.

It’s a new larger venue this year on the other side of the river… I hope we can max-out the Go participation for the first time, and prove that this could be the preeminent Go event in Canada’s winter calendar. If that is the case, we may be able to get more sponsors, lower entry fees, and bigger prizes! For your friends and family that aren’t as keen on Go as you are, let them loose on the convention floor, and they won’t be bored! Even if you’re not willing to participate in the tournament, there are tonnes of interesting diversions to be explored, not the least of which will be play-testing my multi-player variant of Go in the Game Developer’s area… I’d be happy to have your input, and perhaps we’ll have a new event next year!

This has been advertised on the CGA’s Facebook page for quite some time; but, now that this venue is online, expect to hear news from me, here, more often!


Tyler Reynolds
Vice-president – Grants & Youth


Go Tournament prize recipients at the 2012 Game Summit

Go Tournament prize recipients at the 2012 Game Summit


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