The CGA has two main reasons for existence.

  • To suppport and encourage the growth of Canadian Go.
  • To coordinate the Canadian Go community’s interaction with the international Go community.

To support the growth of Canadian Go the CGA wants to make what funds it can available for teaching programs, club startup funding, and other Go promotional activities. The CGA is currently budgeting 1500$ per year for these programs. The CGA has sufficient funds for this for now, but if we get this level of activity consistently (over many years) we will need significant growth in CGA membership, or significant donations to the CGA to keep the program funded.

There are two routes you can take to apply for CGA support.

  • Use the American Go Foundation programs for youth and schools. The American Go Foundation is a US charitable program for supporting the teaching and promotion of Go (affiliated with theAmerican Go Association). The AGF offer programs including free starter kits for schools and youth programs. They have generously offered to provide these starter kits to Canadian programs as well. The CGA will provide funding for supported Canadian programs, the AGF will bill the CGA at cost (with no charge for their volunteer labour). Please see the AGF web site for details on their programs here.Note the CGA cannot currently cover the costs for matching funds for teaching staff and books/prizes. At present we are only covering the starter kits for schools and youths. If you are interested in the matching programs please note your interest to the AGF. Once interest is expressed the CGA will start raising funds for this part of the program.
  • Apply to the CGA directly. The AGF has a well organized program, but it is targeted at school and youth programs. For other activities you can apply to the CGA directly. There is an application form here. Fill it in and send it to