Host Canadian Open

Any Canadian Club may apply to host the Canadian Open. This tournament is held the labour day weekend each year (the first weekend in September). This page describes what the CGA expects from a Canadian Open host. The application form an organization should fill out to apply to host the open is here.

  • First, at the previous Canadian Open there will be an application to host the event for the following year. Ideally before that open the executive will be notified of the club’s interest in hosting. When the executive meets at the open they will evaluate the bids of interested clubs and select a Canadian Open host club. Some of the executive considerations will be
    • Is a venue selected (without this it is hard to have a meaningful budget plan)
    • How many participants are expected/required for the budget. Is this consistent with what we know about other tournaments from the region?
    • Has a Canadian Open been hosted in this part of the country recently? Obviously regions that have waited longer to host an open will be preferred.
    • Are they comfortable with a hosts requirements (listed below)

    Once a host city is selected they are expected to comply with the following.

    • Require CGA membership from all Canadian resident tournament participants
    • Comply with the rules on how the Open Division and Pair tournament should be run. These are described in the document here.
    • Make sure the Pair selection rules are prominently posted for registrants (this has caused problems when the winners did not realize they were not neccessarily the Canadian Pair Go Representatives).
    • Comply with the CGA-AGA reciprocity agreement (this document includes the procedures for a TD to follow).
    • Schedule a timeslot (usually on the Sunday afternoon, for about 1 hour) for the CGA annual General meeting.
    • After the tournament inform the CGA about pair results so the point totals can be updated.

    Hosting a US Go CongressIn addition to the Canadian Open, the CGA has had discussion with the the AGA about the possibility of a congress in Canada. The AGA supports the idea, but substantial practical difficulties would need to be worked out for it to happen. For instance the Go vendors bringing their stock to Canada raises tax & custom issues. For this to happen we would need the following

    • A strong local organizing group to step forward. They would need to take the usual step of attending previous congresses to see what’s involved, and attend the meetings for future congress directors.
    • A report for the AGA and CGA about issues hosting in Canada, and how they could be resolved.
    • Once the Canadian hosting general plan is approved, they would need to go through the regular city selection process.

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