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February 2015 Newsletter Submission Deadline – February 25th 2015

Hello All, The deadline for newsletter submissions  is February 25th 2015. Please submit your articles to my email address – Here. We look forward to your article submissions. is there a weight loss pill that works losing weight through diet

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November 2014 Newsletter Submission Deadline – November 25th

The submission deadline for the November 2014 Newsletter is November 25th at midnight. Please submit all your articles to the submissions email – Thanks! drinks to make you lose weight fast how to loose weight of your stomach trick

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May 2014 Newsletter Submission Deadline – April 30th

May 2014 Newsletter: Submission Deadline is April 30th 2014. Please send all articles, and pictures to Mark Wong.  The articles can be in Word documents, SGF files, or whatever you feel is easiest for you.   Thanks! CGA The Newsletter

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