Canadian Go Association looking for programmer

For the last several years Nick Prince has done all programming work on the Canadian Go Association web site.  He has no plans to stop being involved, but recently there have been more work items the CGA would have liked to build than Nick has had time for, even in a paid capacity.  So we would like to find someone to work with him.
We are looking for someone from the Canadian Go community, not just a programmer hire.  Nick still contributes many hours on a volunteer basis as well as getting paid when building new features, and we would like anyone working on the web site to be in it not just for money, but from a sense of commitment to the Canadian Go community.   Nick can help with learning the source code; he won’t be able to help with learning the required technologies.  The CGA cannot commit to some specific number of hours that we can fund of development work.  An estimate might be 40-80 hours of paid work in a year.
To work on the web site, you need to be full stack Web Developer. The most important thing is experience at every layer: Data/SQL, ORM Mapping (EF/Hibernate), Server Side API, HTML, and advanced client side JavaScript. 
Experience doing this the Java, Python, PHP technology set would carry over to the technologies used on the CGA site with some additional learning investment.

The actual technologies used are:

  • C#
  • Entity Framework
  • SQL Server
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • Microsoft UnitTests
  • HTML, CSS /w BootStrap
If you are a person who is interested in this opportunity to contribute to Canadian Go please email, and we can discuss further.

President of the Canadian Go Association. I have been playing Go since 1993.

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