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Most often when you contact the CGA you will need a specific function. Here is the list of contact emails we expect you to need.

Name Description
President General inquiries, and anything where a specific contact email is not listed here. Also if you have not received a response to an another contact in a few days please contact the president
Membership Issues related to CGA membership
Ratings Issues related to CGA ratings
Grants Questions about CGA grants or AGF grants
Web Master Issues related to the CGA web site
Volunteer Interested in volunteering for the CGA? Send email list your idea, or a description of your skills here
Donations Like to make a donation to support CGA activities? Send email here to discuss it.
CGA Executive Sends email to the whole CGA executive

The volunteers filling various roles for the CGA are:

Role Name Email Description
Grants Processing Tyler Reynolds Assess CGA grant applications and manage interactions with the AGF grants program. He will discuss with the executive as needed.
Run KGS Canadian Room Simon-Pierre Fortin Owns the KGS Canadian Room, and coordinates with the CGA what content is displayed there
Run CGA Winter Cup James Sedgwick Run the CGA annual online tournament
Database Content Chuck Elliot Make sure the content of CGA database is correct (Membership, Ratings, Club Contacts


The CGA executive provides overall direction for the CGA; in addition many executives fill volunteer roles listed above. Your Canadian Go Association executive team is:

Name Role
James Sedgwick President
Tyler Reynolds Vice President
Chuck Elliot Membership and Ratings
Brenda Hawkins Treasurer
Andrew Olders Secretary
Matthew Mennie Technical/Business/Internal Communications Advisor and Online Tournament Organizer

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