Summer 2019 Go camp

Registration is now open for the first Canadian Go Association summer Go camp. Korean professional Yoonyoung Kim 4P will be the lead instructor. This is a camp for Go players of all ages, children, youth, adults, seniors.  But please note for children we are not providing child care, a responsible adult will need to be on site with the child.

Dates : Sunday August 18th until Friday August 23rd

Adding additional days at either end to take advantage of the weekends and the beautiful setting is possible, see Dates – additional information below.


The camp will take place at the beautiful Jouvence resort, inside Mount Orford national park. Highlights include:

  • La Cremaillère dining room with bistro, terrace and lake view
  • 3 gourmet meals per day, 15 delicious buffet style meals in total
  • 4 meeting rooms in the heart of nature
  • Access to outdoor spa and sauna
  • Sailboats, canoes/kayaks, volleyball games, climbing, etc.

Planned camp program

Normal schedule will be Go games in the morning.  Perhaps a league with players at your level. In the afternoon camp activities, either as a group or on your own as desired.  In the evening a lecture, and free play/study.

This plan will be refined as we determine attendees (both instructor’s and camp participants).  And we may adjust for the weather.

Rates per person for the whole stay:

Rates are all inclusive including your room, 3 luxury meals per day, and all onsite activities.

  1. 3 or more in the room: $ 545
  2. 2 people/room: $ 620
  3. Individual rooms: $ 770
  4. Youth rates (assuming 3 or more in their room) :
    • 12-16 years old: $390
    • 5-11 years old: $340
    • 3-4 years old: $260

Also, Go instruction fees of 75$ will be paid upon arriving at the camp (for those in the family participating in the Go instruction part of the camp, non-participants pay no fee).

Individuals looking to split a room can contact the CGA and we will do our best to match you with other go players looking for a roommate.  See Registration section for more info.

Current registration rates should be considered the “advance registration rate”.  We haven’t posted any increased fee schedule as yet, but we reserve the right to do so in the future(with some notice of course).  We need bookings well in advance to arrange for potential additional professional instructors.  And of course if the facility is full that is out of our control, booking earlier will be safer.  Their cancellation policy is very generous so in an emergency you can safely withdraw.

We are still researching the potential for event sponsors.  If we do succeed in getting any funding having already completed your registration won’t bar you from accessing any sponsorship we might be able to grant.  There will never be any down side to early registration!

Dates – additional information:

Participants are expected to check in on Sunday August 18th.  Go activities will kick off Sunday evening after dinner.  Normal checkout is on Friday.  So the standard stay is 5 nights (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday).  Last meal provided on site will be lunch on Friday.  This is our official “group booking” time slot, but it may be that some attendees want to stay a couple days on either end, take full advantage of the facilities.  This can most likely be accommodated, although you will need to confirm with the Jouvence organizers.  We will try and keep some Go equipment on site at least through the weekends on either end so you can get some friendly play in with others there early or late.  Note this is the earliest date Jouvence allows group booking during the summer, so at Jouvence we could not have chosen to move earlier in August.


We are starting with a booking of one D’jouv pavillion.  The pavillion has 10 rooms, each of which can sleep 2-6 people.  Normally we will have 2-4 per room; the exception would be a large family that wished to be together.  So the first pavillion can accommodate 30-40 comfortably, once we fill that we can start booking into the second pavillion, or there are further Jouvence accommodations we can start booking if registration is very high.


Step 1: You should register on the CGA web site event.  At least one person per attending family should be registered on the CGA event.  We will use this registration only to keep a registrant e-mail list.

Step 2:  Email the CGA ( with those in your family who will attend.  Name, age, sex, rank (non-player as a rank as appropriate).  Also please note if the registrant will be a camp participant, there may be some who are go players but don’t plan to participate in Go activities (for example a parent of a child).

Step 3:

Determine if you will stay on site, or if you are trying to save extra costs by staying offsite.  If you wish to stay offsite please let the CGA know with your initial email to us.  We’re not sure if we will have any registrants wishing to do this, so we will take note of interested parties and make a plan for them once we find out if they exist,  The rest of the registration instructions will assume you are staying on site.

Note: We strongly recommend on staying on site.  It will give you the most integrated experience, and these are very affordable prices for the included package of meals, room, and facilities.

Step 4

Determine who you will share a room with.  Jouvence will generally manage the accommodation bookings, but we need to tell them the room groupings.  If you are a family this probably comes automatically.  But as an individual or a couple you way wish to share your room with others to reduce cost.  Our understanding is that for an adult costs don’t go down after 3 in a room, but it is certainly significantly cheaper with 3/4 than as a single.  Of course if you like you can choose 1 or 2 in a room.

If you don’t have a grouping of your own to fill a room just let us know.  We’ll email you with a suggested grouping.  Of course for last minute registrations we may find it harder to arrange this.

I don’t think anyone should worry about being in a room with compatible study partners.  The pavillion has common areas where Go study will go on late into the night, and you can study there.  Rooms are really only needed for sleep.

Each room comes with its own bathroom.

Step 5 (final step)

Contact Jouvence (1-800-567-3134), and make your deposit.  Please be explicit when contacting them that you are registering for the Go camp, as other attendees will be sharing the resort with us.  Then let them know who you are sharing a room with (if anyone).  We will be checking with Jouvence regularly, and once we are notified of  your payment your registration status will be moved to final.

Cancellation policies:

Deposit should be about 30% of the final expected cost. No fee cancellation 10 days before the date, 20% of deposit between 9 and 4 days, 100% of deposit from 3 days before.  A very generous cancellation policy!

How to get there

Jouvence is located at 131 Chemin de Jouvence, Orford, QC J1X 6R2,

The nearest major city is Montreal.  Those flying in from far away are likely to arrive at Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport .  From the airport to Jouvence is a 1.5 hour drive.  Anyone taking the train is also likely to arrive in Montreal first.  Then the closest small town to Jouvence is  Magog .  There are buses hourly from Montreal to Magog for 32$, see the bus web site.

From Magog it is a 22 minute drive to Jouvence.  We may look into volunteers who can do a pickup from Magog, please let the CGA know if you have plans to get to Magog but don’t know how to get the rest of the way.  It might even be possible for us to arrange transport from Montreal.

Off-site lodging possibilities

Who’s coming

Registration states:

  • Preliminary: You have sent your info to the CGA, and room assignment is known, but Jouvence is not paid yet
  • Roommate: Working on a group to share a room with, info is with the CGA but cannot pay Jouvence yet
  • Offsite: Intending to stay offsite
  • Final: Jouvence has received your deposit

Room 1

Player name Age Playing level Participating Home town Registration status
 James Sedgwick Adult 5D  yes  Toronto Preliminary
Meng Sun Adult  11K  no  Toronto Preliminary
Alice Sedgwick 15  8K yes  Toronto Preliminary
Owen Sedgwick 13 10K yes  Toronto Preliminary

Room 2

Player name Age Playing level Participating Home town Registration status
 Pierre Yves Lafleche Adult 5D  yes  Montreal  Preliminary

Room 3

Player name Age Playing level Participating Home town Registration status
 YoonYoung Kim Adult Professional  instructor  Montreal  Preliminary
 Manuel Velasco Adult 6D  yes  Montreal  Preliminary

Room 4

Player name Age Playing level Participating Home town Registration status
Loïc Lefebvre Adult 1D EGF  yes France?  Preliminary
Camille Lévêque Adult 3K  yes  France?  Preliminary

Room 5

Player name Age Playing level Participating Home town Registration status
Maxime Paiement Adult 2K yes Sherbrooke Preliminary
TBD Adult ? ? ? ?
TBD Adult ? ? ? ?